Message From Our Founder

Education is about more than imparting knowledge. It is about building character and empowering each individual to be an enthusiastic life-long learner and a global citizen of the future.

As said by Ms Ho Ching, wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong in the Forward of EtonHouse 1996 Year Book.

“The key to education is building character and developing capability.

Without character, society will degenerate. Without capacity, society will likewise fade.

A child at seven is set for life.  The early years form the basic foundation, shaping both the child’s character and his or her desire to learn. More than intellectual stimulation, children must learn to live and socialize with their fellow human beings as part of a considerate and mutually supportive community.  In this role, schools carry an important responsibility to complement the care and support provided by parents and family.

As the Chinese say: “tian sheng wo cai bi you yong” (天生我才必有用) everyone has a talent to contribute to society. However, this potential needs to be cultivated and nurtured, in order for it to blossom.  A supportive family combined with a stimulating group learning opportunity provides one of the best environments for a child to grow and take his or her place in this world.”

EtonHouse is committed to the pursuit of excellence and leadership in education and making a difference in the lives of children and in turn society in general. The curriculum is based upon leading pedagogical models from around the world and designed to develop students holistically. All learning at EtonHouse is built upon proven research-based best practice.

Classroom learning is inquiry-based and student-centric. Teachers seek to work collaboratively with the children, respecting the unique abilities that each learner brings into the learning environment. EtonHouse also looks to work in close partnership with all members of its parent community.

The educational philosophies practised in EtonHouse schools include the early years Inquire-Think-Learn approach inspired by the Reggio Emilia Project of Northern Italy and the International Baccalaureate programme in the primary and high school years.

EtonHouse seeks to graduate internationally minded students with the confidence and character to become active, responsible members of their immediate communities and potentially, as leaders to shape the future of our planet.

Mrs Ng Gim Choo
Founder & Group Managing Director

Message from Chairman

MBA Fakhro Group is the exclusive franchisee of EtonHouse in the GCC region.

We are a Bahrain headquartered group that partnered with EtonHouse to bring their teaching philosophy to the Gulf because we believe that education forms the bedrock of our global society. We are a diversified, innovation focused group, that values intellect, creativity, fairness, and integrity in everything that we do.

EtonHouse in the Gulf forms a part of our education business, but we also do a lot more in other fields. We are a group that founds and grows wholly owned businesses across the globe.

We put people before profits, we aim to achieve these profits primarily in ways that contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world. We do not engage in activities that we view as being unethical, immoral, illegal, or harmful to our fellow human beings.

MBA Fakhro Group is owned by Mo Fakhro, a Stanford graduate. To learn more about our group, please visit or link to us through our below QR code:

Our Management Team

Carol Pedersen

Executive Principal

Carol Pedersen originates from the UK and has been actively involved in various management positions in international schools around the world. Her career has involved creating and developing new International Schools over the past twenty years around the globe. She has been involved in developing new schools, IB candidate schools in Europe, UK , the Middle East, China, Singapore  and now here in Bahrain.

Carol believes that today’s world of ultimate competition poses the greatest challenges for finding and securing a prosperous future. A child is our biggest investment and a sound and excellent education starting at the earliest stage is the key to a child’s progress, development and success. Striking the balance between the importance of play and holistic and grounded education in core and specialist subjects is imperative for our youngest students attending Eton House Bahrain.

Carol believes in promoting international awareness in children, with emphasis on skills, knowledge and attitudes, that are required to participate in an increasingly globally society. She believes Eton House has a strong sense of community in the values we celebrate, in our commitment in realizing the potential of our children, and in providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, physical, aspects of our children’s lives. Our children come from many cultural backgrounds, forming a happy, inclusive international school community.

Our British curriculum using IB Framework approach is designed to welcome both local and international children to discover the joy of learning and playing together. Learning a second language with children from other cultures opens a world of other horizons for our students, enabling them to see the world through eyes other than their own. Carol is passionate about education and preparing students in becoming lifelong learners.

Julia Knight

Primary Principal

Julia Knight has been in education since 2004. Her specialism is English Literature which she has taught from Year 5 up to Sixth Form. Julia has held a broad spectrum of roles within schools from leading a successful English department to Assistant Head in charge of Lower School; working in London, Bangkok. Julia settled in Bahrain in 2016 and is married with two boys.

Julia’s firm belief is in happy children- “children thrive academically in a creative and supportive environment that nurtures the whole child which is the philosophy of Eton House.”
She says: “I am excited to work alongside a team of dedicated and hardworking professionals that aims to transform the education experience in Bahrain . I am looking forward to welcoming the community to Eton House, Bahrain and meeting parents and students alike.”


Nicola Lloyd

Preschool Coordinator

Miss Nikki has been working with children for over 12 years in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi as a teacher and in managerial roles. She is EYFS qualified and trained in Safeguarding and Child Protection. Nikki moved to Saudi Arabia at the age of 3 has lived in the GCC ever since.She says: “I truly feel as though Bahrain is home”.

Nikki believes every child is unique and has their own talents, strengths/weaknesses, and interests and use those to help support each child as an individual. Fun activities allow the children to develop their social, emotional and personal skills as well as their physical, and speech and language skills through play. Nikki believes communication is the key to a child’s success and to a great parent/teacher relationship.