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Carol Pedersen

Executive Principal

Carol Pedersen originates from the UK and has been actively involved in various management positions in international schools around the world. Her career has involved creating and developing new International Schools over the past twenty years around the globe. She has been involved in developing new schools, IB candidate schools in Europe, UK , the Middle East, China, Singapore  and now here in Bahrain.

Carol believes that today’s world of ultimate competition poses the greatest challenges for finding and securing a prosperous future. A child is our biggest investment and a sound and excellent education starting at the earliest stage is the key to a child’s progress, development and success. Striking the balance between the importance of play and holistic and grounded education in core and specialist subjects is imperative for our youngest students attending Eton House Bahrain.

Carol believes in promoting international awareness in children, with emphasis on skills, knowledge and attitudes, that are required to participate in an increasingly globally society. She believes Eton House has a strong sense of community in the values we celebrate, in our commitment in realizing the potential of our children, and in providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, physical, aspects of our children’s lives. Our children come from many cultural backgrounds, forming a happy, inclusive international school community.

Our British curriculum using IB Framework approach is designed to welcome both local and international children to discover the joy of learning and playing together. Learning a second language with children from other cultures opens a world of other horizons for our students, enabling them to see the world through eyes other than their own. Carol is passionate about education and preparing students in becoming lifelong learners.

Julia Knight

Primary Principal

Julia Knight has been in education since 2004. Her specialism is English Literature which she has taught from Year 5 up to Sixth Form. Julia has held a broad spectrum of roles within schools from leading a successful English department to Assistant Head in charge of Lower School; working in London, Bangkok. Julia settled in Bahrain in 2016 and is married with two boys.

Julia’s firm belief is in happy children- “children thrive academically in a creative and supportive environment that nurtures the whole child which is the philosophy of Eton House.”
She says: “I am excited to work alongside a team of dedicated and hardworking professionals that aims to transform the education experience in Bahrain . I am looking forward to welcoming the community to Eton House, Bahrain and meeting parents and students alike.”


Gracie Core

Gracie Core is a much loved EtonHouse teacher, her creative ideas stem from Reggio Emilia and centre on bringing the EtonHouse children and parents together to make a very special community. Gracie loves teaching the children to respect each other and the world around them- a core concept of EtonHouse international schools. It is very clear to all who know Gracie that she loves working with children and she says it’s wonderful to watch children use their imaginations whilst the teachers take a step back and allow the children to guide us into their worlds. Gracie has an Early Years degree from the University of East London.


Nicola Lloyd

Preschool Coordinator

Miss Nikki has been working with children for over 12 years in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi as a teacher and in managerial roles. She is EYFS qualified and trained in Safeguarding and Child Protection. Nikki moved to Saudi Arabia at the age of 3 has lived in the GCC ever since.She says: “I truly feel as though Bahrain is home”.

Nikki believes every child is unique and has their own talents, strengths/weaknesses, and interests and use those to help support each child as an individual. Fun activities allow the children to develop their social, emotional and personal skills as well as their physical, and speech and language skills through play. Nikki believes communication is the key to a child’s success and to a great parent/teacher relationship.

Sara Mehkari

Sara Mehkari is qualified GP, specializing in paediatrics. However approximately 2 years ago she took the bold decision to change her career and gravitated towards teaching. She gained her PGCE from the University of Sunderland and qualified as a teacher. It is very clear that Sara loves EtonHouse as it permeates through her teaching. She believes that children learn best through exploring their environment, playing, and not being restricted in anyway. Sara says she looks forward to continuing her teaching journey with what she describes as, one of the best schools in Bahrain- EtonHouse!


Fatima Bukhammas

Fatima Bukhammas is EtonHouse’s specialist Arabic teacher and is Bahraini. She appreciates working at EtonHouse because it is a unique school with nature inside and out; she is a creative educator who believes that nature is a teacher itself. Fatima enjoys working alongside EtonHouse’s collaborative and supportive academic team. Look out for Fatima’s amazing Arabic videos online.

Kirsty Murray

Kirsty is our Pre Nursery School teacher, she is from the UK and is highly experienced and qualified in Early Years. During her career, Kirsty has attended various CPD Early Childhood courses and is very passionate about Inquiry-Based Learning.

Drayzelle Panopio

Drayzelle Panopio is the Senior Administrator and grew up in Manila, Philippines and has a Bachelor in Broadcast Communication. Drayzelle appreciates EtonHouse’s diverse community, and describes the people she works with as driven, passionate and talented. EtonHouse is a small, community school and Drayzelle is central to life at school; she helps students, staff and parents and is very knowledgeable. EtonHouse believes in professional development and helps staff to grow professionally by supporting their ideas and talents through training.

Alyssa Bunagan

Alyssa Bunagan is EtonHouse’s school nurse but when she isn’t tending to the needs of the children, Alyssa also supports the academic teaching team. Aylssa believes that EtonHouse truly is one of the best schools in Bahrain. It provides play-based learning which is very important for child development and their curiosity, creativity, resilience and leadership is all part of the play — they develop these skills better when given the chance to converse with other children through play.

Marilou Valdez

Real heroes don’t wear capes…. they teach and assist! Marilou Valdez has BA degree in Elementary Education and forms part of the Teaching Assistant Team. She is uniquely placed to offer learning support in class as a specialist. For Marilou, being with the children and seeing their talents grow is what make her job as a TA special. Marilou loves the natural environment of EtonHouse, it reminds her of her own childhood spent in and round nature. She believes that every child is different and education should focus on the whole student.

Winnie Dimla

Winnie Dimla, is part of the maintenance team of EtonHouse and she is invaluable. Winnie is from the Philippines where she has a Bachelor in Commerce. Winnie is an all-round superstar and is instrumental in the site management of EtonHouse. Her favourite phrase is “when a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

Gloria Rey

Gloria Rey is a much loved member of the EtonHouse whose main role is dealing taking care of the children with lots of love and she appreciates the approach and philosophy of the school. Gloria enjoys being around the children and be part of the unique, learning approach that EtonHouse offers. Gloria grew up in the Philippines surrounded by seascapes and greenery, she is a psychology graduate who believes that education is a continuous process and creating simple things or making gestures that results in an awesome, inspiring learning journey.

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Carol Pedersen

Executive Principal