EtonHouse Kindergarten is situated in the beautiful Hamala area on a very large site which have been newly renovated. Our school settings are eco, organic, spacious offering the highest standard in educational facilities in Bahrain. We have spacious classrooms indoor and outdoor, Library, Aterlia, Performing Arts Room, Language Room and IT Studio.

We believe that children have a right to a respectful environment, we use natural materials, neutral colours, natural light. Appropriately used colours protect the eyes, provide the means for learning and support the health of the mind. Scientific studies support the fact that the discomfort, attention loss, and behavioural problems experienced by children are mainly a product of the environment they occupy most of the time. Unplanned use of light and colour is one of the most significant causes.

Designed by our educators, our environments draw upon the main elements of beauty and aesthetics, intentionality as well as our respect for children in these spaces. Our learning spaces are intriguing and foster meaningful engagement amongst the children, and are yet also functional. At EtonHouse, we see the learning environment as a powerful means through which children develop their ideas and theories. Children do not merely learn with and from the people around them, but also from their interactions with the environment.