Batool’s and Yunus’s Mom

We would like to express our gratitude to the EtonHouse team for the most creative, joyful and happiest experiences for our children- Batool and Yunus.

As a working mother, my daughter has attended nursery from an early age however since joining EtonHouse, I have felt that she is in a setting that really and truly cares for her wellbeing, that Batool is part of a family and a community. Batool is always excited to attend school, and she is happy when I collect her from school- she never wants to leave. As many working mothers will appreciate, this has meant the world to me: to know she is happy and safe and cared for. This peace of mind is immeasurable. Batool has blossomed into a confident girl who used to be shy. With the help of her teachers and friends, she now loves to socialise and play. The skills she has learned and developed in two short terms have been truly remarkable.

Yunus has also blossomed with EtonHouse, previous schools were unable to accommodate his medical needs but EtonHouse provided a safe environment for him to be himself whilst also making friends. The family atmosphere and small class sizes made a huge difference, everyone came together to make sure the school was safe for him to attend. Yunus felt a sense of belonging, and like Batool, he too found the warmth of EtonHouse a welcoming place to be his true self- a happy and sociable child with friends and teachers who he respected and is respected in return. EtonHouse removed the loneliness that Yunus felt and filled it with the joy and wonder of learning and play.

It is true to say that EtonHouse feels like a second home for our children. All children are welcome and loved regardless of their culture or background.

Throughout the school closure, both Batool and Yunus asked every day when they would return to EtonHouse. We are so glad to be part of the EtonHouse community and are glad that Yunus and Batool are able to continue their education in Year 1 and beyond into the new primary school.

Thank you to all of their teachers for having such an impact on their lives.

Fatima and Zahraa


Luca Review

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that we found Eton House Bahrain for our 3 year old son.It was an extremely difficult decision to send our son to school in the middle of a global pandemic. We decided that we would skip September to December term in the hope that the situation would improve and it would be safer to send him to school in January. However, in August I saw an advertisement online so I sent an email asking for some information regarding their approach to the reopening of the school. I was pleasantly surprised to be provided with a very comprehensive handbook outlining their return to school guidelines. It appeared that the school would take a safe, yet practical approach to welcoming children into the school.

We arranged a visit to the school and very quickly decided that Eton House was absolutely the best place that we could send our son. We spoke in depth with Carol, the Executive Principal, about our concerns about sending our son to school. Not just because of Covid, but because he had never been in the care of anyone apart from my husband and I.

Carol arranged for us to spend some time with his teacher Miss Nikki. She took so much time to learn about our son, his likes and dislikes. What made him happy, how he could be comforted when upset. She asked us to share every little detail that was relevant to our son. We left her company knowing that we were making the right decision. Our son had certainly taken a shine to her.

The planned day for reopening was delayed by the ministry due to Covid. Hesitantly, we took part in virtual learning, which actually turned out to be the best thing. We became familiar with his class mates during our daily Zoom calls with lots of fun, singing and dancing. We received activity boxes full of arts and crafts. So much effort was put into preparing the boxes for the children.

Our first day at school arrived. Miss Nikki made every effort to make our goodbye at the school gate as smooth as possible.

The meeting some weeks back, all the communication over the weeks and our daily zoom calls with his class mates had paid off. He went in the gate, hesitant, but he went. The only tears were mine!It was a very long morning, but I was so grateful to receive a phone call during the morning to reassure me that our son was doing just fine.

We’re into our 2nd month now. It’s says it all when I can say that our mornings are filled with excitement to get ready to go to school. He can’t wait to get out the door to see Miss Nikki and Miss Gloria. The welcome we receive every morning at the gate is fantastic. Everyone is so upbeat and positive.So many names to mention, but from Miss Irene at Security to Miss Julia, the Vice Principal, everyone has made it a truly positive and happy experience so far.

We’re kept updated with photos and news about what’s planned for the week ahead on their ‘Story Park’ app. It’s so nice and reassuring to see videos of him dancing and happy with his little class mates.I would highly recommend that any parents feeling anxious about sending their little one off to school, to visit the EtonHouse and have a chat.