The Importance of Praising Children

With having the pleasure of working with the ‘Reggio approach’ at EtonHouse Bahrain. I feel very encouraged and motivated for my students to explore and enjoy their learning experiences. I believe that children need to be nurtured and those positive simple words enhances a child’s confidence and personality.

Life skills are taught through loving discipline and children need to be guided. Therefore offering praise when deserved on small achievements is an important factor in school. The children in my class respond to their friends by clapping or showing their work. This can be when they demonstrate a kind gesture or it could be talking to their friends at circle time.

Children love the responses and they gain happiness and encouragement. This will only assist a child to take responsibility and become independent, developing social skills and confidence. I believe children need to be taught fairness, kindness and have consideration for their friends within school and in their home environment. This creates a good team work and togetherness in the classroom.

Parents are the child’s first Teacher and the most formative years are the early ones, so giving deserved claps and verbal praise will set them on the path of being well adjusted happy children.

Kay King
Nursery Teacher
EtonHouse, Bahrain