The Importance of Sensory Play in under 2 year olds

Children in our EtonHouse Preschool learn through their play every hour of every day in unique and amazing ways. Children learn through touching, hearing, seeing, smelling, moving and of course tasting all the different things in their environment.

Sensory activities such as sand, paint, playdough, dry rice and bird seed all facilitate children’s exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore, which means play is important for their mental growth.

Having activities that our little ones can pour, squish and stomp are all very important for their brain to make connections between their senses which links their worlds together. So next time you see your little one reaching into the flour bag or playing in dads shaving foam – EtonHouse Stay & Play approach let them play, watch them learn, and help them discover all the wonderful things in this world.

Carmen Ward-Smith

EtonHouse Bahrain