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Pre-School Teachers

Carol Pedersen Executive Principal Carol Pedersen originates from the UK and has been actively involved in various management positions in international schools around the world. Her career has involved creating … Continued

Kindergarten Teachers

Julia Knight Primary Principal Julia Knight has been in education since 2004. Her specialism is English Literature which she has taught from Year 5 up to Sixth Form. Julia has … Continued

Is Your Child Ready For Primary School?

“Mummy, where does water come from?” “The tap.” “But where does tap water come from?” “The reservoir.” “What is a reservoir?” “It’s a place that collects a big supply of … Continued

The Changing Dynamics In Education

Children are born with an innate desire to explore, form hypotheses, experiment, observe, and develop conclusions. Research and data prove that children’s learning through their senses has a strong connection to … Continued

Is it easy being a pre-school teacher?

Teaching is more than just a job, and the truth in the matter is, not anyone can be a teacher. Our senior pre-school teacher Shirlee Lim from EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 223 shared … Continued